What is Clarify CRM?

The Clarify CRM tool is a very powerful call center and help desk automation solution that had been a very dominant player in the market during the later part of 1990s. It was then taken over by Amdocs in the year 2002, and since then has been turned into a very robust CRM package that provided solutions from one end to another         .

Is Clarify CRM a good solution for your business?

All through the mid and the late 90s, the market was dominated by only one strategic player- Clarify CRM that was used by most call centers and customer support units to automate their work and provide software solutions to enhance the way their businesses functioned. With the help of this application, organizations over the world found a rapid and cost effective method to implement efficient and formal call management practices that helped in ensuring that all the queries of the customers were resolved in a prompt and efficient manner.

The Clarify CRM was also referred to as a call management package that provided a very powerful functionality with the help of which companies were able to deliver a quicker and more convenient experience every time customers called their numbers.  Some of the advanced features of the Clarify CRM were:

* It had in built escalation procedures whenever there was a problem
* It had an automated management of SLA’s (service level agreements) and other business
related contracts
* There was real time monitoring of services and requests
* It had the option to track the history of all the activities done by the agents and was able to use
this for reporting purposes
* It had an eSupport or a web based option of self service in case anyone using this application
required any help or their support.

After its takeover by Amdocs in the year 2002, Clarify CRM solution has ever since evolved to now become a completely integrated CRM package.  This application is now able to meet all kinds of requirements of call centers and help desks.

The Amdocs Clarify CRM provides a very comprehensive solution for CRM, order processing sales force automation, service, order management and its support, and also automation of marketing strategies. Its related modules that are also available are outbound and inbound telemarketing script management, dispatch and field service billing, logistics and digital commerce amongst many other solutions that this amazing software has got to enhance businesses.